This is not about My Personal Life, rather My Personal Perspective on Life.

-Another Convert-

Just great, another convert.
Convert to what?
Convert to Malay.
Here's the thing, before I go further,
I'm not trying to be racist,
But I'm going to state a fact that most people disregard.

Daphne Iking, a pretty native girl from Sabah decided to embrace Islam and get married to a Malay businessman.
I don't get it with this Celebs, but I have to admit, some malay guys have their charm,
Like Naz from Breakfast Show on 7, I actually like that guy,
And who else, hmm, don't remember their names.

In Malaysia, there's no such thing that when a person converts to Islam,
They are still who they are,
They are not,
1st, they lose their Name,
2nd, they lose their Culture,
3rd, they lose their Race.

It's true, in case you haven't notice,
Anybody that got married to a Malay,
Indian exceptional, since they have "Mamak",
The child that they give birth to will automatically be known as a Malay!
I mean, what bull shit is that?
Race & Religion is different for goodness sake!

That is why they had Peranakan!
And I'm proud to be one!
I'm so god damn lucky there wasn't Islamic back in the old days.
Or I'll probably end up wearing Baju Kurungs and Tudungs right now,
That's just so not nice.
If covering one self up from Head to Toe is Pure,
Does that means being Naked you won't be Pure anymore?
Then what do you say with the Caves Man? Or Tarzan, or etc?

Lol, anyway, we're not here to talk about that,
Anyone that is offended can leave right now,
I told you this blog is only for liberals,
I'm just stating my opinion,
However they preach about the Freedom of Religion,
When it comes to theirs,
Once you enter,
You can never back out,
Or they make such a fuss that your whole life will be miserable,
And that's FREEDOM in Malaysia.

Malaysians are constraint by a number of rules,
That we got to the state that we do not dare to speak out,
Or even want to,
Because nobody listens, nobody cares,
We live our life,
They live their life,

As long as they don't interfere,
We'll just step aside and let them do all they want,
It's as simple as that.

::..Freedom isn't Freedom when you tie a Bird in a Cage while the Door is open..::


Eric said...

Hey ~ Just pass by , I love your "another convert" post , it is a truth that This is what they called "freedom religion " !
Just like your blog , I will look forward for your next post ! ^^

Enaj said...

+Thanks. This is my other blog thou, rarely updates it. As you can see, it's controversial. =P